Friday, October 21, 2011


     My overall goal is to Kiteboard every month of the year. This year is no different, as far as my goals are concerned. The weather on the other hand...well, that's a different story especially since I live in Oklahoma. The weather changes here more than a woman changes her mind.. So, anyways it's Kiteober which means..I'm not really going to explain this.. (I would rather just type words about how you should get what it is.) I have only got to Kiteboard one time this whole month and I plan to change that before it ends.

     I was talking to Cpt. Ace the other day and he was out riding the Nar North and Daaamn it's cold. That's Gnarly North for the newbs and yes it's back! He said he got an ice cream headache after about 15 minutes of riding. BRRRRR! Well you know what that means..Bust out the 6mil booties and gloves kities! As much as I know that sucks to do..IT'S A MUST! I usually enjoy it more when the air temp is 56F+ and I don't care about the water temp! I usually stop riding when the water turns to ice that I can't break through with my board. But if it's just the water on the edge that's frozen solid (Natures Limitations, not mine p.s.) then I don't mind as long as there is room to ride out in the middle!

   See ya out there! p.s. there are still good days to come this year so don't start kitebuggieing yet N.H.!

Peace in the middle east,


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