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OKKITE is different from other schools and stores because we BEAT any of our competitors prices.  If you find a product we offer listed on another site/store cheaper, we will beat that price guaranteed!!

So you want to be a kiteboarder?  You should. It's awesome!

Oklahoma City has Lake Hefner's "Kite Point".  Great wind, incredible water, and amazing people.   The kite scene is great here, and the surfers are friendly and cool.  You'll always have someone willing to help you launch and land.  

We love kiteboarding and love to live it every day we can.  We want you to be a part of it too!  Feel free to call the number above to talk to us directly and we'll answer any questions and help you get on out on the water.

Here's how lessons work:  We've taught a lot of lessons and we've found what we think is the easiest, most fun, and FASTEST way to get YOU up and surfing.

We typically teach two lessons.  The first is a land lesson with a trainer kite.  

We use two meter, two line kites on the grass to teach you to rig, launch, land, power up (and power down! pretty important) the kites, and pull yourself around with confidence.  We use mountainboards (like a skateboard, with balloon tires) for you to pull yourself around on with the kite.  This is awesome because they act feel EXACTLY like a kiteboard in the water.  It's great to get the experience so that you can get yourself upwind fast and confidently.  This means that when you get to surfing in the water, you'll be able to  go where you want, instead of getting blown downwind back onto the beach every time.

This lesson takes two hours. You'll be tired and your head will be full of a lot of information, so typically you want to schedule the water lesson on a separate day.

Once you've completed the land lesson, you can take the water lesson. 

The water lesson is where we hook you up to a full size water kite and get you out in the water.  

We teach you to use the extra controls on a big kite (trim, depower, etc) as well as the safety ejection system.  You'll learn to launch, land, and how to make the kite relaunch back up if it falls into the water.  We'll also teach you how to safely self rescue if you have to eject from the kite.  You'll get up on the board and surf around by the end of this lesson. That is three hours.  After that, you're a surfer!

In addition, we're also happy to help you find gear.  We sell new kites as well as used kites and gear.  We have lessons any day it's windy.  About 15mph and greater is windy.
If you're interested, simply call us at the number above, or email us.

Once you are confirmed as wanting a lesson, we'll start sending you an email every week with the wind forecast.  

If there are some windy days that week, all you have to do is let us know what day you can make it.  We'll get you a time slot and your instructor's contact info.  

Typically we can do weekday afternoon and evenings and weekends we teach at 10am and 1pm.  

Ask about group discounts!

You can pay cash or credit.  

It's worth it. And you can do it!