Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We've got WIND!!

You've waited.  You've dreamed. You've checked the forecast until your eyes crossed.  
-T-H-E   W-A-I-T   I-S   O-V-E-R-
Feast your kites upon 

Oh yeah, and as HQ's exclusive dealer, we now are the first in the entire midwest to bring you the new HQ "Ignition" kite.  HQ is know for the sickest trainer kites since the beginning of time.  They threw everything they had into making sure that if they were going to make a LEI water kite, it'd be incredible.  Well get your butt to the beach at Lake Hefner and try it out!  We're demoing the all new 2014 Ignition starting Thursday.  

HQ Powerkites "Ignition" from nonstoprevolution on Vimeo.

PSST.., this time of year is the cheapest kites get if you're buying gear.  We're blowing out all the 2013 new/demo kites because all the 2014 gear comes in over the next two weeks.

We've got new stuff, used school kites, and demos that have only been flown a couple times and are in like-new condition.  We'll also be taking trades in on equipment since most guys in the know buy this time of year so save max money and get the best stuff.

We can take cash or plastic right at the beach so bring your used stuff and upgrade to gear that will take you to the next level!

You can give Matt a call at 405.367.4403 or email us for daily updated current used inventory.  See you out there!


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