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**IMPORTANT**:  If you already bought your Groupon, please fill out the waiver call (405.367.4403) and schedule ASAP.  Lessons slots are filling up FAST.  The earlier you're scheduled, the more likely you'll get your preferred time (weekend, afternoon, etc).
**If you do not have a Groupon yet click here to purchase lessons/gear!!


Here's the skinny on the Groupons.

If you bought or are considering buying the Groupon for kite lessons:

Congratulate yourself.  You got a SCREAMIN deal of the year on kite lessons. Typically kiteboarding lessons at a certified school are double to triple this price.     

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q:  I missed the Groupon! They're all sold out. Now what?
A:  We recommend self flagellation and then jumping over to to check out our lessons packages.  Word around the campfire is that Toni, our lessons scheduling lady always has some sort of hookup in her back pocket when it comes to lessons deals.  Once it gets to Spring though, good luck getting through, because it gets crazy. Click here to purchase lessons/gear now!!!

Q: I'm busy. Could you explain all this in pictures?
A: Yup! 

Q:  Brrrrr!!! What gives?
A:  You can use your Groupon when it warms up!  You don't have to take your lessons when it's cold. They are good any time this year. Or, if you're hardcore, bring it on. We do lessons year round.  If it's blowing, we're going.

Luckily, Oklahoma gets a lot of warm days here and there even in the winter months.  So feel free to get your lessons in early and beat the scheduling rush. 

Q:  I want to kiteboard!! I've already purchased my groupon. What now?
A:  Awesome!!  Let's do it.  Simply contact us whichever way is most convenient for you and we'll get you scheduled for your first lesson.  Our schedulers will get answer any questions you have and work with your schedule to get you flying as soon as your ready.

Q: Why offer a Groupon for kiteboarding lessons in winter?  
A: As soon as the water starts warming up and the first few warm windy days hit in Spring (typically April 15thish), the phones start RINGING OFF THE HOOKS with people wanting lessons, for themselves and groups.  We're rewarding you early birds and prebooks by putting you at the TOP OF THE SCHEDULE.  We want you out on the water, having a blast.  If you get excited and want to learn to kiteboard, but there's a three month wait list in front of you, that sucks.  

Q: I see we'll be learning on trainer kites and mountainboards instead of going directly out to the water on our first lesson.  What's the benefit?
A: There are a LOT of benefits.  The first part of any certified kiteboarding lesson is teaching you the basics of theory and safety.  Typically this takes about a half hour. You'll learn hugely important things like how to not get overpowered, how to instantly depower if you get into trouble, how the safety equipment works, and  things like whether or not the wind direction is safe so you don't get blown out to sea.  

When you learn the first time on the land, you're getting a HUGE head start on really valuable water time with the instructor (remember, the water lessons are only two hours.) on these basics.  You'll already know
1)  Basics, theory, and safety
2)  How to rig and launch your equipment
3)  How to launch, fly, and land the kites with confidence
4)  How to confidently pull yourself around in any direction and use your feet to control the board direction.

This means that when you get to the water with the instructor, you'll be focusing not on those basics, but actually getting up and surfing.

Also, a trainer kite is about three feet wide.  A full size water kite is about nine.  If you're going to make a mistake, much better to do it on the little guy.  They are still powerful enough to pick you up, but a lot more forgiving of beginners. They fly and are steered almost exactly the same as the big ones, which is what you want.  We provide all safety gear.

By the end of this lesson you'll be pulling yourself around the beach with kites and having a blast.  

Q:  Do I still need water lessons?
A:  Yes.  Most kiteboarding programs in the U.S. have two lesson sessions, one and two.  One is beginner kite control and the second is launch and board control.  We have tailored our program to allow you to satisfy lesson one requirements through this land lesson.  You can purchase the in-water lesson two at any time.  You can also purchase an in-water lesson one, but it's about three times the cost of the groupon.  Either way, you'll need the complete the in-water lesson two before you're ready to be turned loose on a full size water kite and surf away.    Our lessons packages are always available Here at the Okkite Online Store!

Q:  Who can do it?  Do I need to be crazy strong and in awesome shape?
A:  Pretty much everyone 12yo and up, any size  (big or small you just rig different size kite). You should be able to swim at a minimum (sinking is no fun).  The kite actually is hooked to your belt, so you don't have to be monkey bars strong.  You're basically just leaning back and steering the kite.  Surprisingly, women tend to pick it up easier than men because men instinctively want to manhandle the kite, and that's just unnecessary.  The gentler you are with the controls, the faster you'll succeed!

Q: Where exactly are the lessons taught? 
A:  Lessons are taught at Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City.  There are two beach parks where lessons are taught depending on the type of lesson and the wind direction.  When you contact us to let us know your availability we'll get you clear directions. 

Q: Can you guys help me find the right gear once I'm ready to get on the water?
A: You know it!  We carry new and used gear in every price range and type from mild to wild.  We live and love this sport and can help you get exactly the right gear to learn fast and dominate the fun.  You really can do it.  We're here to help.

Q:  Why okkite?
A:  We're awesome!  To us that means safe, industry certified, friendly, positive, and encouraging.  We sincerely want you to enjoy this sport and have the kind of joy in your heart that we feel every time we put a kite in the air.  Plus you learn to fly. How cool is that?

Q: Any more information on what all is involved in the lessons?
A: Absolutely!  Jump over to  the lessons page for more details, email us call us directly any time 405.367.9431.  

Lessons:  Call 405.367.4403  or email

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