Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November to Remem..wha?

      Ok so here goes, today was amazing and the sunset was equally as impressive. I have never rode with a waist harness untill today and let me say it was a big change. The freedom that you have with your legs is noticable to say the least. Well if you saw the sunset then...Cheers! if you missed it then i'm sure there will be more like it but let's just say it's been a while since the one I saw today. The atmosphere was intoxicating lol. I would love to see another day like this tomorrow and continue to string these days together endlessly. Let's pray that we see some more wind like this soon. The gusts were about a 20mph difference inbetween each one. The gust ranged from 14mph all the way to 30mph! that is a huge gap in coverage so-to-say but it is fun once you have your kite on the right settings. I just got my duel monitor set up and I will have nothing but kiteboarding on the 23.6HD that is wall mounted in front of me. I love to kite because it could end anyday but i'm thankful that I get another one. I'll be riding tomorrow if you want to join me then start now and you should be good by this coming summer.

peace in the middle east-N8

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