Monday, July 30, 2012

Picture time!

Kite Point on Lake Hefner is one of the most amazing places to surf in the midwest. Great wind, beautiful sunsets, and even with the water low, it's great because you can stand up while learning.

She's getting strapped in. Learning which controls do what. Excited, scared, prepared.

Now We get out ON THE WATER.
OK. So we're learning what to do when the kite is in the water and we need to re-launch it up.  Instructors have my back.  We're going to pump the bar to bring it left, launch it into the wind window.

OK!! We're pumping the bar, walking the kite to the window's edge, ready to LAUNCH!
Right foot forward, left foot back. Dive the kite to the left, and she's UPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!



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