Monday, July 25, 2011


So you've been seeing the guys kiting around the park on the grass on skateboard looking things?  That's us.

It can be you too!  The great thing about kites is you can pull yourself around on just about anything. Surfboards, snowboards, and mountainboards.  Mountainboards are skateboards with rubber, inflated tires on them.  When you use a kite with them, it's called landboarding.

One of the toughest parts of kitesurfing is learning to "get upwind".  Most beginning kiteboarders spend the first month on the water learning to go against the wind on demand.  It's the most challenging, and most REWARDING part of kiting.  If you plan to go out on the ocean or deep water, it's essential.

The good news is, that when you practice landboarding, it's EXACTLY the same technique to get upwind as is used in the water, only with landboarding, you get much more time practicing, and less time packing your kite up on the other side of the lake and doing the "walk of shame" back to the beach if you can't quite get upwind.

Monny Ray is currently offering full landboarding training packages. You get to use Monny's selection of small to large landboarding kites, as well as rugged mountainboards you don't have to worry about tearing up.

So give us a call and GET OUT THERE!!

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