Monday, July 9, 2012

Light Wind. New Website!

So the wind has been light the last week or so. This is completely normal for high summer in Okc.  Looks like next weekend we might have enough for trainer kites and big (12meter) water kites.

The rule of thumb in Oklahoma is this for wind speed:

25+mph wind = Bring your 6 or 7meter kites. Experts only. Big waves, big air. Epic kiting.

15-20mph wind = Bust out your 9 or 10meter kites. All skill levels will have fun here.  Big jumps, easy to relaunch, easy to get up wind.

12-15 = Big kites only. You'll want a 11 or 12 meter kite to get anything done.  Watch for the lulls in the wind, they'll leave you stranded.

<12mph = Go sailing.

For trainer kites and land lessons, 12-18mph is typically the best. Enough to keep the kites in the air, but not enough to get your Mary Poppins impression on.


Oh, and we're finally launching our new website this week. Keep your eyes peeled!

Also, we have a bunch of used gear and demo school kites for sale, so hit us up if you're looking for gear.

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