Thursday, September 6, 2012

(Friday 9-7-12)

Or awesome, depending on your outlook.

This is scary strong wind tomorrow.  Experts only after 4pm.

Here's the story.  Going to be record heat (105f+) and excellent surf wind (15-25mph) until four.

Around four things get real.  The computer modelling is saying around


That's no joke kids.  That's breaking your gear, ripping stuff out of your hands, leaning against the wind, sandblast in the face wind.  

Also, this is important. It's NORTH wind.  So all the action is going to be on the South beach "Hobie Point". 

If you try to launch from kite point they're going to be picking you out of the trees on the other side of the lake.

Now. For those of us who LIVE FOR THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  read below


Little kites = big air 

If you're not a competent boarder, stay home.  If you're ready for some action, bring your six or seven meter kites, and your narrowest board.  Temps are supposed to drop to seventies possibly as well, so bring your shorty wetsuits.

Probably going to want some goggles or snug sunglasses also, as it's going to be a sand storm.

See you out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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