Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Free beginner group lesson Saturday!!

Get your spot now!!

10am Saturday April 14th  we'll be doing beginner kiteboard lessons. These are the land lessons where you learn to control and rig kites, landboard, etc.  Two hour class. Starts 10am.

If it's raining at 10am, we'll reschedule, but we'll probably be fine. Wind looks great.

Email to reserve a spot.

And yeah, whales are big.


  1. Thanks for the lessons this morning Shane; it was awesome! To any beginners out there interested in kiteboarding, these lessons are a must! Shane's a great teacher and will have you ready to go in no time.

  2. HI, I would love to learn how to kiteboard. I've been flying my 3.5m kite trainer for a few months now and I want to get a larger kite for the water. I would like to take professional lessons if i can, when is your next lesson?