Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to ride toe side

Video Post! Video Post!  

It's wet and rainy. What's a surfer to do?  How about learn some new tricks?

So. You're a pretty decent rider now.  You can get up wind. You can mow the lawn back and forth and are starting to get into little jumps, or bigger jumps but want to improve your game.

One of the first cool things you'll want to know how to do is ride toe side.  Typically you are leaned back on your heels with the kite in front of you when you're riding.  Eventually, you'll want to be able to transition to where you are leaning on your toes and the kite is behind you.

It looks cool, it's fun to ride differently, and it's a critical skill if you ever get off the lake and want to get out on the ocean surf.

Here are some killer videos that break down how it works and the little tricks that make it easy.  Especially pay attention to theory part about weighting the back foot.

The slow motion:

The theory broken down with tips:

 Cool!. OK. So what can I do with it?

How about "Popping 180 to toeside?" 

 What's the next step?

Remember, tricks aren't rocket science or magic.  You can do it. 

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