Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring has sprung!!

Water's warm, wind is up. Let's get surfing!!!

Lessons are starting again!!
We now have:
Beginner Lessons (Kite control, safety, getting you on the water! 101)
Intermediate Lessons (Getting upwind, beginning jumps/tricks)
Expert Lessons (Big air jumps, tricks, etc)

Also landboarding and yacht sailing lessons.

Contact us for info.

Site news:  We now own the following domains, so hopefully we'll keep growing and become an even better place for the Oklahoma kiteboarding community.

Keep checking back for the all new forum so you can talk to other surfers and people in the scene in the midwest. We keep getting a lot of people asking about good used gear also, so we're putting that out front so you can buy and sell your gear locally.

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